Welcome to the Lean Kanban Conference

This conference features the state of the art in Kanban, drawing from the real experiences of hundreds of organizations worldwide.

Learn how you can take Kanban further.

You have more capacity than you think! Kanban enhances visibility, quality and performance.  The result is better predictability and faster delivery with better business agility.

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2017 Keynote Speaker
Lean Kanban North America 2017 keynote speaker Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi

Did you know Kanban is…

°  across organizations with thousands of people

°  used for multi-million dollar initiatives

°  applied in non-IT domains like marketing, finance,

°  in industries such as the military, education, health care, banking

°  in highly regulated environments

°  improving predictability

LKNA topics include:

°  Enterprise Scale Kanban

°  Kanban in Government

°  Capability Maturity / CMMI

°  Kanban Coaching

°  Upstream and Portfolio Kanban

°  Implementing Flow Systems

°  Data and Forecasting

°  Lean and Kanban Foundations

Why Attend?

  • Connect with coaches and practitioners using the Kanban Method
  • Hear how organizations are using Kanban for better results
  • See how to apply Kanban in your organization for sustainable improvements
  • Join interactive workshops to answer your questions and address your challenges
  • Meet Kanban product and service providers

Who Should Attend?

The program of presentations and interactive workshops is appropriate for Executives, Operations Directors, Department Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, PMO Heads, Process Improvement Leaders, Team Leaders and Team Members, Human Resources Managers involved in corporate development, and everyone interested in Lean Kanban.


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